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Simple and Easy to use call shop software. Real time monitoring per Cabin, call reports and invoices. With our free call shop application you don't have to worry about paying for extra software, get your phone cabins connected to Checkbox and your call shop business is running. Our wholesale direct and premium routes will guarantee quality voice and stability for you VoIP infrastructure. For more information on plans and rates please contact us.

Callshop Services

VoIP services has revolutionized the entire conventional phoning system and Checkbox Telecom VoIP services has made it possible for you to enjoy all the VoIP services at reasonable prices with quality and credible services. We are one of the leading service providers in this field with many years of experience and excellence.


Our call shop services are very reliable and cheaper and you do not have to worry about paying for extra software, moreover, you can get your phone cabins connected to Checkbox and your call shop business will run smoothly and at swift pace. The call shop software provided by us is also simple and easy to use.


Checkbox Telecom, call shop services will provide you the tools toconnect physical phones for sofphones for making long distance telephone calls at affordable rates. We will fulfill all your requirements related with the call shop services and some of them are VoIP account with an international calls provider, billing software to manage rates and prices, VoIP box and a fast and reliable internet connection among many other services.


Our main objective is to satisfy all our customers and clients with our Call shop services and you can provide a clear connection to your customers. These services will allow your customers to make all possible calls at anytime and anywhere across the globe that too at very affordable prices. You can satisfy your customers with all your services that you can offer them with blending and utilizing our call shop services.  


You can also enjoy our call shop services, as wholesale services, as you will get direct and premium routes and guaranteed quality voice and stability for the infrastructure of your business. You will also get real time monitoring per cabin, call reports and invoices that will insure you the satisfaction that you expect from our services. Our call shop services offers you many benefits and our application of the service is free so, you do not have to pay any extra money for the software that you will use for the billing purpose or according to your requirements.


Checkbox Telecom offers you all the call shop services with a proper plan and system that you can use gradually to establish your business with simple and easy to use software. All our services will enable you to take your business to the level that you always wanted to, serve your customers, and fulfill all their requirements with your business. It is true that there is a lot of competition in every field but it always depends upon us that how do we defeat our competitors, so join hands with Checkbox and have the benefit from our call shop services among many others and be ahead to fulfill all the requirement and needs of your customers with effective communication services.


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Callshop Services
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