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Forget about expensive applications, pay per license or agent, complicated dial plans or call routing. Get your call center dialing in just a few minutes with our free automatic dialer software. Our automatic dialer is very functional and user friendly. Configure your extensions, load your call contacts and set your call ratio. With live call reports and per call detailed report you will know what happened on each call. For more information on plans and rates please contact us.

Automatic Dialer

Communication is the essence for any activity to meet its desired results. Specially in business calling services, without letting know what exactly is required in any sort of activity, the process cannot be fulfilled and neither the particular activity thus the development of communication technology has brought phenomenal growth in profits by leading to effective business communication in various organizations. Keeping in synchronization with client's need,Checkbox Telecomis offering itsautomatic dialerservices to provide you an edge in the Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) servicesthat we are already dealing in. it is an application that keeps huge importance in bringing timely communication in business organizations with quality and effectiveness.

With an expertise in high quality and reasonable VoIP services,Checkbox Telecomis determined to provide an extension to their clients so let they can enhance their experience in effective, clear, cost-friendly and efficient communication services to revolutionize their business profits. Theautomatic dialerservices is just a part of the comprehensiveVoIP servicesthat we are offering our customers to get flawless and time saving communication for profitable business operating. Here, you can leave all your worries to rest related to the expensive applications, pay per license or agent, complicated dial plans, call routing and others with our premium quality ofautomatic dialersoftware services.

Keeping in mind the promising functionality and user-friendliness ofautomatic dialersoftware in bringing enhanced efficiency of communication,Checkbox Telecomoffers this technology to configure your extensions, load your call contacts and set your call ratio for maintaining effectiveness and transparency of calls. You can maintain live call reports and per call detailed report in order to keep a check on the status of each call, making the communication effective and transparent. It will further help you in making further business communication strategy accordingly to keep pace with the focus required on other potential business clients. For efficient and convenient calling process, ourautomatic dialerservice is an ideal source.

Checkbox Telecom understands the value of time in business and if the communication is delayed in business, we also understand what loss it could bring to your company by loosing potential business clients. Thus our automatic dialer software saves your precious time with features like dialing phone and routing calls to the next operator available. We can assure an increase in your sales efficiency, telemarketing production and call center business with sales building features equipped in our automatic dialer software services. It includes voice broadcasting with pre-recorded voice messages to communicative with long list of people for increase in sales. Remember time is money in business, so adopt our automatic dialer services which is available at free of cost to enhance the quality and efficiency of your business communication.
  • Focus your attention where you need it.
  • Calling has never been easier.
  • Time is your friend, we know it.
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