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How does it work?
Can I test your service?
How to setup my equipment/what are the settings to make a connection?
I can’t connect to your SIP server by using username & Password. Can I connect by using fixed IP addresses?
I have problems configuring my own SIP device for calling with Checkbox, what to do now?
Which Codecs do you support?
Does Checkbox also support H.323?
How many simultaneous calls can I setup?
How can I access my recent calls/CDR’S online?
How do I get a downloadable version of your current rateslists & country codes?
Can one customer create multiple accounts?
How long are your rates valid?
How do you inform me about rate changes?
When do call charges take effect?
What is the minimum topup amount?
Which payment methods does Checkbox offer?
How fast will my payment be processed?
What is important when making a bank transfer?
I have lost my username and/or password. What should I do?
I am experiencing connection problems. Where do I report these and what are you doing about it?
I have connection problems with some mobile destinations. Can you fix this?
Do you offer special rates for large volumes?
Do you support RFC 2833?
What I need to be connected to Checkbox?
How many countries can Checkbox terminate calls?
Can I place my own caller ID?
Is your service strictly prepay?
Is there a minimum monthly commitment?
Can I cancel anytime?
How can I configure my account?
How do you bill for services?
Can I set my own dialer or dialing application o terminate call with Checkbox?